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Stonebridge should be a name that you strongly consider for your commercial roofing projects. With over ten years of experience located in the DFW area, we’ve completed a large variety of commercial projects. We specialize in warehouses, apartment communities, churches, schools; you name it! 

     Our trusted and experienced crews have been with us for many years on a wide variety of roofing projects and have worked with every type of roofing material produced. We are highly recognized by our suppliers and Stonebridge has earned some of the top awards and Roofing Seals in the industry.


Let’s have a conversation to see how we can help with your next commercial project!



Stonebridge has worked with apartment owners, warehouse facility personnel, real estate property managers and many more. Every commercial project is different and requires different crews with a wide variety of experience and materials. We ensure the right crews with the best materials for your project, all while working to stay within your budget.

     You can depend on our experienced insurance personnel for maximum results for your claims if needed. Or perhaps it’s time for capital improvements to your property. Let us help you with the right strategy for your business goals for your particular project.

Silicone Roof Coating
Restoration (RCR) System
The Environmentally
Friendly Roof Coating
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Stonebridge has a specific crew for your standing seams project needs. Our crews bring all the necessary tooling equipment to the job site so they can cut, bend and improvise on site. No wasted time going back and forth ordering more pieces or materials.

     Experience is key here! If you have a project that is part standing seam, or a large project with a large amount of metal roofing material, let us work up a quote. We can help you with experience, cost, and professionalism.



Every apartment roofing project entails its own set of challenges, and Stonebridge is up to the challenge. If you own one or more apartment communities or you are the Commercial Director of a REIT, we’ve got you covered with experience, professionalism, and value.

     We understand the importance of minimum disturbance for the minimum amount of downtime. StoneBridge couples this with high-quality work that you, your Managers and residents will be happy with. All work is backed by our company and factory warranties, which are the best in the industry.

Let us provide you with an inspection, report, and quote, all at no cost to you!

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